You may not be close enough to take a workshop with Kat. What to do? Explore these online resources. Each resource is always available, giving you the chance to learn something new whenever you have a moment.

Mobile Tutorials

Mobile-Tutorials-Button-125x125I’ve got an iPhone, and I’m not afraid to use it. I’ve fallen in love with the simplicity and creativity of mobile photography and apps! Periodically I share tutorials on my blog showing how I create my smartphone art. Take a look, try it out and enjoy the creative freedom of this new medium. Watch out: You may find yourself redefining what a photograph can be.


Digital Photography Basics

If you’re looking for an introduction to the technical aspects of photography, Digital Photography Basics gets you going with the skills you need to get off of automatic mode and into the creative zones, capturing images you love. This eBook covers the fundamental tools of digital photography through six chapters, filled with photo examples and exercises: Capturing Light, Exposure, Composition and Focus, Aperture, Shutter Speed and Editing Beyond the Basics.


Exploring with a Camera

Exploring with a Camera Button 125x125If you want to learn more about composition and creative photography without the intense schedule of a class, enjoy the Exploring with a Camera series. From composition to color to light, you will be looking at the world in new ways through the lens of your camera. It’s a fun, free and easy way to learn more about creative photography, with no time or money commitments. Visit the links shared by others to grow your online community and learn even more. Grab your camera and come explore!


Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap

2015-Liberate-Your-Art-Square-125x125The world needs more art. The world needs your art. The annual Liberate Your Art postcard swap encourages artists in all mediums to create, share and connect through art. Even if you’ve never considered yourself an “artist” before, you will by the end of the swap. Join in to experience the fun and positive energy of being part of a huge group of artists from around the world, liberating their art.


Photo-Heart Connection

PHC-2013-button-125x125Deepen the connection between your photos and your heart and soul by participating in this monthly practice. Each month, I share my personal photo-heart connection and invite you to join in. By sharing in the link up, you will develop relationships with other like-minded photographers searching for the same connection between their art and their heart. The Photo-Heart Connection is open to all, and if you’ve taken any Find Your Eye courses, this will keep you moving on your journey after the course ends.