On-Location Workshops

Kat Eye Studio is going on the road! Kat’s workshops are a fun day of exploration in an intimate setting, offering great connections with other like-minded photographers from your area. You will leave the workshop inspired and full of ideas for expressing yourself through photography.

Are you interested in bringing a workshop to a town near you? Kat has several workshops available: A Sense of Place, Smartphone Art and the new Mobile Photography Workshop Series. Contact Kat for more details!

Workshops, Dates & Locations

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Mobile Photography 1: Introduction
KatSloma_MP1_7514Corvallis, Oregon
September 12, 2015 or October 10, 2015
1pm to 4pm

Learn to capture great photographs with your smartphone or tablet. You always have your mobile device with you, right? Why not make it your primary camera! In this half-day course, you’ll learn how to get the most out of your device’s camera along with the basics of creative photo editing. Whether you want to take nice photographs of your family and friends to share online or begin to create photographic art, you’ll be making photographs you are proud to share in no time! The class will be taught for both iOS and Android devices, and no prior photography experience is necessary.

Cost is $40+apps. Register here.

Mobile Photography 2: Artistic Alterations
KatSloma_MP2_3580Corvallis, Oregon
November 14, 2015
1pm to 4pm

Take your photographs into a whole new realm! Explore the possibilities of creating interesting and unique art by altering photographs on your iPhone or iPad. In this half-day workshop you will learn the secrets of sequencing and blending apps to create art with depth and interest from your photographs. By the end, you will be creating images as unique as you are! The class will be taught for iOS devices running the latest version of iOS.

Prerequisite: Mobile Photography 1, Intro to Mobile Photography or Intro to iPhoneography

Cost is $40+apps. Register here.

Mobile Photography 3: Advanced Blending
KatSloma_MP3_3212Corvallis, Oregon
TBA Spring 2016
1pm to 4pm

Blending is where the magic happens! Discover the creative potential of advanced blending techniques on your iPhone or iPad. This half-day workshop will dive deep into the methods and sequences to create incredibly interesting effects through blending multiple photographs, backgrounds and textures. When you are done, you may not even recognize your art as a photograph anymore! The class will be taught for iOS devices running the latest version of iOS.

Prerequisite: Mobile Photography 1 & 2 or Smartphone Art

Cost is $40+apps. Registration will open ~60 days before the workshop. Sign up for the Kat Eye News to be notified when registration opens.

These workshops aren’t close to you? Contact Kat to bring a workshop to your location.