Liberate Your Art 2015 Postcard Swap


The world needs more art. The world needs your art.

The Liberate Your Art postcard swap is in its 5th year of encouraging you to create, share and liberate your art into the world, where it can do its greatest good.

Join participants from around the world as we liberate our art through the mail and brighten the day of those near and far. See what good mailing your art can bring!

Swap sign up has closed for 2015. The swap receipt deadline is March 14, 2015. Sign up for the Kat Eye News monthly newsletter to be notified when swap sign up opens next year.

Swap Overview

Who can participate?

Artists in any medium. Photography, painting, poetry, typography, jewelry, sculpture, knitting, cooking, illustration – you name it. If you can have an image of your art printed on a postcard, you are in!

What do I have to do?

You send 5 printed postcards of your art with a message written on the back, along with address labels and return postage. I swap them around, and you receive 6 postcards in the mail over several weeks: 5 from participants, plus one from me! The email you receive once you sign up will have all of the details on what to do.

Where do I need to live?

Anywhere in the world! Participants from all over the world are welcome. You send your postcards to me in the US and I mail them back out. Details for international participants are provided as part of the swap information once you are signed up.

When is the swap?

All postcards must be received by March 14, 2015. Swap sign up has closed for 2015. Sign up for the Kat Eye News monthly newsletter to be notified when swap sign up opens next year.

Why should I join?

Because it’s fun to get “happy mail” once in a while! It’s also a great way to learn how to reproduce your art, connect with artists around the world, and get out of your comfort zone and share in a new way. There is a wonderful feeling when you liberate your art into the world, knowing it is doing good.

How do I get more details?

Once you sign up for the swap email list, all of the details and lots of support are sent to you via email. Don’t worry, signing up for the list does not commit you to participate or generate any spam. You can check out the details and unsubscribe at any time.

Making Connections

A great part of this swap is making connections with other artists!

  • You can join the Facebook Event Group to chat about what’s going on in the swap, ask questions and share experiences.
  • You can visit participating artists who have shared their websites on the Participant List. In 2015 we added a Treasure Hunt through the Participants List with some fantastic prizes!
  • Share and watch for hashtag #liberateyourart on social media.
  • Read the swap updates on my blog to see the amazing art I’m receiving in the mail.
  • Show your participation with a button on your blog! Button code is here.

About the Swap

I got the idea of the swap in 2011, when I was still living in Italy. I love getting mail, and I had this vision of a swap that would connect artists of different mediums from all over the world. It was cost prohibitive to do from Italy (a single postcard cost $2 to mail!), so I planned it for when I moved back to the US in July 2011. There were a few bumps along the way that first year as I worked out the process to do a swap this large, but the swap went fabulously and it’s become a yearly event. You can read more about the previous swaps by reading the blog posts found at this link.

Here’s a summary of the swap each year:


1020 pieces of art liberated
170 artists
13 countries


1152 pieces of art liberated
193 artists
12 countries

2013-BlogHop-Image copy

Watch the video!


1290 pieces of art liberated
216 artists
11 countries

2013-BlogHop-Image copy

Watch the video!


1254 pieces of art liberated
209 artists
10 countries

Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap Kat Sloma