FIND YOUR EYE: Starting the Journey


DATE: Jan 20-31, 2013
LENGTH: 2 weeks, 5 lessons


[two_third_last]This course starts off the series, introducing the basic tools and exercises used throughout the course series. You’ll set up the tools of photojournal and inspiration file, then use them for the photojournal prompts and eye development exercises which help you look within as well as explore the world around you. By the end of this short course, you’ll have a good start on recognizing your eye and you’ll have the foundation you need to take any of the other courses in the series.

This course is a prerequisite for the remainder of the Find Your Eye: Journey series courses and will repeat before each individual Journey course.

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Topics Covered

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  • Setting up your Photojournal
  • Introduction to the Inspiration File
  • Intro to Photojournal Prompts – Introspective exercises to help you connect to your heart and soul
  • Intro to Eye Development Exercises – Creative photography exercises to help you see the world around you
  • Recognizing your Eye


Testimonials for Starting the Journey

This course guided me to find something I already have within me. During the course, I took the best photographs I’ve ever taken to date.  I really noticed a difference in my photography with just the 2 week class…I’m ready to be amazed in the next.

I really like your interaction with the students.  I like the way you are there to answer questions as well as your positive feedback.  For me that has been great.

Your content is wonderful… I highly recommend this class! The pace of the course was perfect. You make it personal and give it that one-on-one experience. Also, [the course was unique in] the interaction from other classmates. The feedback has been helpful and encouraging.

I love how questions are introduced to make you think about what you are doing. I love how it makes you see the beauty of your own work.