FIND YOUR EYE: Photo Courses with Heart and Soul

2013 Find Your Eye See Yourself BannerWho you are is reflected in the photographs you take. Where you choose to point your camera, your point of view, and your presentation are all aspects of personal expression. If you want to create images that are unique to you, you need to understand your personal motivations and find your sources of inspiration.

The FIND YOUR EYE eCourse series was created to help you explore, recognize, and become confident in your personal photographic style. Instead of teaching you the technical basics of your camera or photo post-processing, these eCourses enhance your personal expression and creative connection to your art. Along this journey to find your photographic style, you find connections to heart and soul as well.

Available Anytime, On Demand

Take the full Journey eCourse series, and you can save 20% off the total registration price of each eCourse when taken individually. With thirteen weeks of great Photojournal Prompts and Eye Development exercises in the full series, you will see your photography grow in amazing ways. Register with the button below:

The On Demand eCourse begins as soon as you register via Paypal and confirm your registration via email. If you don’t see the confirmation email in your inbox, check your spam folder.

Course Details & Logistics

  • There are three eCourses in the Find Your Eye series, and while they can be taken in any order, the eCourses build upon one another. The recommended sequence is Journey of Recognition first, followed by Journey of Inspiration and wrapping up with Journey of Fascination.
  • Two lessons arrive per week, as PDF files via email.
  • The first week of each five-week course is the same, introducing you to the building blocks of self-expression: The Photojournal and the Inspiration File.
  • The following four weeks of the course include one Photojournal Prompt, exploring your inner motivations, and one Eye Development exercise, exploring your external inspirations.
  • More general eCourse logistics information is available in the Kat Eye Studio Course FAQ.
  • Contact Kat with any questions.

Prerequisite Experience

To get the most of out these courses, the participant should come with six to twelve months of photography experience and be creating images that they love, at least on an occasional basis. While there is no minimum experience or equipment requirement for this course, this is not a technical course and a minimum level of technical photography knowledge is assumed. The participant should have basic technical knowledge of operating their camera (understanding exposure, shutter speed, aperture, etc.) and editing photos. (Please download the free Digital Photography Basics eBook if you are in need of this minimum technical knowledge.)

Testimonials for the Find Your Eye eCourses

It’s a fantastic, amazing, beautiful, enlightening process… [The photojournal prompts] gave me a lot to think about in regards to my work. I loved the eye development exercises. They really broadened my view of what I see through the lens and life in general.
— Annie

Photography has become my art form. No longer do I just shoot lots of images at events or family gatherings just because I own a camera. The “why” of taking photos is changed. I do this for me.

The course was inspirational and confidence building. It seems each of us have what is needed to be what ever our heart desires, we just needed a facilitator to draw it out.
— Maxine

I loved the photojournal prompt section. It made me think more about why I take photos and what I look for when I aim my camera. The eye development exercises were a great opportunity to consider the way I see the world through my lens. I liked that I could work through exercises at my own pace and alter them however I want to.
— Stephanie

[The photojournal prompts are] not something I would have done on my own, but now it’s something I look forward to doing. I think journaling and writing is an important part of learning about ourselves as artists. I liked how [the eye development exercises] got us looking at different things and trying new subjects. I can tell a lot of effort went into this on your end. It was well thought out and well structured.
— Marji

Learn more about the Find Your Eye course series and where it came from in this audio interview, accompanied by some of my favorite images.