Online Courses

From 2011 to 2015, Kat Eye Studio offered several Instructor-Led and On-Demand eCourses. The eCourses listed below are no longer available. Contact Kat to express interest in accessing the course materials in another format and sign up for the Kat Eye News to be notified of new resources as they become available.

A Sense of Place

A-Sense-of-Place-Button-125x125Your life is made up of a series of scenes and characters, and places are the stage upon which your life unfolds. When you seek to capture the spirit and unique personality of a place, you are also expressing and reflecting your personal experiences. This course will delve into your understanding of places, and how to capture them with your camera. You will discover your own Sense of Place — a grounding in the way you explore and encounter the world around you. Over eight weeks in this online course, you will find inspiration in photographing places whether they are near or far from home.

Find Your Eye

Find Your Eye photo courses 125x125This eCourse series helps you connect with your heart and soul to find your creative vision. You will be looking at the world around you as well as deep within you in new ways to find your own unique view. Each course in the series begins with a week introducing you to the basic tools, and a four-week journey follows with prompts and exercises to develop your creative vision. The three journey courses can be taken in any order, and all are designed to increase your confidence and your love of photography as a means for personal expression.

Fuel Your Creativity

Fuel Your Creativity Button 125x125Creating does not always come easily. It takes fuel. Both raw materials and energy are needed for creation. Every experience you’ve had, idea you’ve read, interaction you’ve experienced becomes raw material which helps fuel your creativity. In order to create, to turn the raw material into something new, you also need creative energy. This one-week prompt eCourse will help you find the fuel and energy for creativity. Whether you are an artist who is stuck or someone who wants to add a creative boost to your daily life, Fuel Your Creativity will get you moving.

Digital Photography Basics

DPB-Button-eBook-125x125If you’re looking for an introduction to the technical aspects of photography, Digital Photography Basics gets you going with the skills you need to get off of automatic mode and into the creative zones, capturing images you love. Formerly a six-week eCourse, this eBook covers the fundamental tools of digital photography through six chapters, filled with photo examples and exercises: Capturing Light, Exposure, Composition and Focus, Aperture, Shutter Speed and Editing Beyond the Basics. You can download it at the link below, free.

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