FIND YOUR EYE: Journey of Recognition

If you love photography, you are ready to explore new horizons and deepen the understanding of your style. The five week Find Your Eye: Journey of Recognition class is the original class that started it all, providing the photojournal prompts and eye development exercises designed to help you dive more deeply into experiencing the environment around you as well as understanding what calls to you. The first week introduces you to the photojournal and inspiration file, basic tools we will use through out your journey. By the end of the five weeks you will have developed a much greater sense of what inspires you along with your own unique photographic style.

Available Anytime, On Demand
LENGTH: 5 weeks

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Topics Covered

  • Introduction to the Photojournal and Inspiration File – Tools you will use throughout your journey.
  • 4 Photojournal Prompts – Introspective exercises to help you connect to your heart and soul
  • 4 Eye Development Exercises – Creative photography exercises to help you see the world around you
  • Final, in-depth review of your progress on the Find Your Eye journey


Photography has become my art form. No longer do I just shoot lots of images at events or family gatherings just because I own a camera. The “why” of taking photos is changed. I do this for me.

I’ve learned about my own photography. Through these classes I’ve been able to identify which elements of photography appeal to me. For instance, the shapes and forms of nature intrigue me. I also look for fascinating small details. As a result of the eye exercises in the class I’ve realized how important it is to look for and use light in my photographs. I’ve learned not to be controlled by rules and by other photographer’s opinions and photographs. I’ve learned to follow my instincts and my heart.

A loner by nature, the greatest gift of our time together was my connection with my fellow travelers. They constantly challenged me; supported me; commiserated with my frustrations; celebrated my triumphs and “ah-ha” moments. They shared their wisdom, their questions, their yearnings. I learned from their struggles, their insights, their truths. Together we dug deep; we had breakthroughs and realizations. We made each other smile. And think.

I’m feeling more confident in my photography! Confident to continue to take photos that I’m familiar with… more willing to have a go at shots of things that I find harder (and even consider a bit of editing)… and being more confident to share myself through my photos… Basically, I’m inspired to keep on taking photos!

My photography is usually a solitary pursuit, but through this course I’ve made connections with kindred spirits from across the country and around the world who now feel like friends. Not only have I found my eye, but I’ve found a new respect for my own work by seeing it through the eyes of others. It’s been remarkable to discover that images I’ve captured with my heart and mind can touch others, even complete strangers. I’ve discovered a new joy and enthusiasm for my old pastime.