A Sense of Place

Your life is made up of a series of scenes and characters, and places are the stages upon which your life unfolds. When you seek to capture the spirit and unique personality of a place, you are also expressing and reflecting your personal experiences of the place. This course will delve into your understanding of different locations that have particular meaning to you, and how to capture them with your camera.

You will discover your own Sense of Place — and grounding in the way you explore and encounter the world around you through the textures, symbols, landscapes, buildings and materials that show you where you have been and where you are going.

DATES: Available On Demand
LENGTH: 8 weeks
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You move through your life in the context of place, but you may not see places for what they are: The backdrop of your story. It often takes travel to a new place, filled with awareness, to notice the inherent uniqueness and personality of the areas around you. Yet each place has a story. Learning to tell those stories, to find the aesthetic of place you want to express in your photography, takes time and study.

Over 8 weeks in this online course, you will find inspiration in photographing places whether they are near or far from home. You will increase your awareness of the millions of tiny details that combine to form the unique personality of a place. You will form your own Sense of Place, building a photography practice that will improve your capture regardless of location. Whether you seek to capture the allure of exotic locales or your everyday environment with artistry, you will discover increased gratitude for the places you encounter.

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Topics Covered

  • Preparing for Photography of Place – identifying the skills and equipment you need to photograph places
  • Defining Place – understanding what “place” means to you
  • Exploring Icons – examining the capture of iconic images
  • Capturing the Big Picture – investigating landscapes and cityscapes
  • Finding the Details – discovering the details which form the personality of place
  • Seeking Differences, Finding Similarities – exploring differences as a way to discover universal themes
  • The Time Factor – learning how “time” effects the experience of place
  • Putting it Together – completing a final project to share your Sense of Place

Course Logistics

  • One in-depth lesson arrives via email per week. Each lesson will cover a specific topic in the Photography of Place, including photographic tips, a photography assignment to integrate the material and journaling exercises to help you understand and refine your personal Sense of Place.
  • Inspirational emails will arrive daily on the topic of the week.
  • More general logistics information is available in the Kat Eye Studio Course FAQ.

What Participants Say…

Overall – an AMAZING experience!! I feel like I’ve grown so much in respect to my own vision as a photographer and in how I can explore that in different ways – representing “place” wherever I happen to be. I am very grateful for my experiences here. This course was so focused on its theme and investigating it without limiting those taking it to a specific style or subject. I liked the strong focus on photography itself and on each person’s individual interpretation of the assignments. The daily inspirations kept up the momentum.
— Rene’

[The course is unique compared to other photography courses because] the lessons in A Sense of Place have more “heart” and were so insightful. Other courses (taken from other instructors) have felt rather boilerplate. This class felt fresh and inspiring.
— Annie

I think Kat’s approach is unique. It is very thoughtful and deliberate and she does a wonderful job of taking it step by step each week and putting it all together in the end. I really look forward to going through these lessons again and again.

There were so many things I liked about the course! I thought the content of the course was well-developed and followed a very logical sequence. The “thinking and writing” part of the course helped me a great deal. It got me in the habit of contemplating before I start snapping pictures.
— Angela

[This course was different from other courses I’ve taken in that] the content was very focused on just one topic: the photography of place. But it covered more aspects of that than I ever imagined! The lessons were packed with information and wonderful examples. Every topic gave me food for thought. I know I’ll be referring to these again and again.

I liked the approach- looking at a sense of place in our own context, looking at what each individual is motivated by. [I] loved Kat’s enthusiasm and lovely gentle approach. [I] love how Kat thinks about photography.
— Leanne

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Prerequisite Experience

There is no minimum experience or equipment requirement for this course, however a minimum level of technical photography knowledge is assumed. To get the most out of the course, the participant should come to this course with basic technical knowledge of operating their camera (understanding exposure, shutter speed, aperture, etc.) and editing photos. (Please download the free Digital Photography Basics eBook if you are in need of this minimum technical knowledge.)