Smartphone Art Workshop

Contact me to bring Smartphone Art to your area! Visit the On Location Workshops page to see currently available dates and locations.

Smartphone-Art-Button-Large copyIf you have a smartphone, you have an amazing creative device with you at all times! Smartphones and other mobile devices, with their tiny cameras and available apps, add a powerful new tool to any artist’s toolbox. The integrated cameras have astonishing performance for their size, and the available apps provide the power of creative editing, once only possible with high end software like PhotoShop, in an inexpensive and easy to use package. Come and learn the basics of creating art with your Apple device, and unleash your creativity wherever you go!

Smartphone Art is a one- or two-day workshop.

Workshop Day One covers:

  • How to get a good photograph with your iOS device camera
  • Composition for mobile photography
  • File management strategies
  • Basic photo editing techniques with apps
  • App editing beyond photography
  • Combining apps to create new and interesting works of art

Workshop Day Two covers:

  • Creating your own textures
  • Creating your own backgrounds
  • Advanced blending techniques

Equipment and Experience

No experience necessary! Participants should have an iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch) with integrated camera and apps.

Participants will also need to purchase ~$15-20 in apps, directly downloaded to their device prior to the workshop. The list of apps will be provided after registration.

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