Digital Photography Basics eBook

To capture great images that speak to your heart, you need both technical skill and creative vision.

Digital Photography Basics gets you started on your journey as a photographer with the information you need to move your camera off full auto and into the creative zone.

Originally created as a six week eCourse, it is now available as an eBook.

The Digital Photography Basics eBook
is not currently available for download.

The eBook will be available in a new format soon. Please sign up for the Kat Eye News to be notified when it is available.

Do you want to learn to take better photographs? Are you ready to move your camera off full auto?

Digital Photography Basics covers the fundamental tools of digital photography: The digital camera and photo editing software. Each chapter is filled with photo examples and exercises that help you learn the concepts through practice, covering these technical aspects of digital photography:

  • Capturing Light
  • Exposure
  • Composition and Focus
  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed
  • Editing Beyond the Basics

To use this eBook, all you need is a digital camera and the photo editing software of your choice. The eBook is a perfect fit for photographers who are new to a dSLR and looking to get off of full auto mode into the creative modes, or those with point-and-shoot cameras looking to use them to their full extent.

It’s time to learn the Digital Photography Basics, taking the next step in growing your photography skills. Armed with a little technical knowledge and a lot of heart and soul, you will be amazed at the images you can create.


Read what past eCourse participants have to say about Digital Photography Basics:

I have taken a photography workshop [before], and I must say, yours blew that one out of the water. I was never frustrated in your course; I gained confidence in my abilities, and I actually learned how to use my camera. I’ve learned so much in this course, and now I’m looking forward to moving beyond the basics to finding the art in my photography. Thank you so much for an awesome 6 weeks! – Sarah

I looked forward to the lessons every week. They were so well written and understandable. I had taken an “in – person” class before, but I learned so much more from this one. The lessons flowed well from one week to the next. The assignments offered great opportunities to practice. – Kathy

[My favorite thing about the course] was the simplicity of the technical information. There was no confusion – just straight forward… here’s the info of how and why, set your camera like this, go play. Perfect!  – Marji

I loved learning about the technical aspects of photography. I’d always found it challenging before but you presented it in an easy, understandable way. I loved that you paired each lesson with photographs. That made everything so easy to grasp.  – Annie

You really do have an artist’s eye and a visual way of presenting the information, yet with the thoroughness of a scientist… both of which I appreciate. – Jan