Subconscious Choices

The other night as I was falling asleep, this image popped into my head as the next in my series. I’m not sure I completely agree, but I’m also not sure you can argue with your subconscious mind. It does as it wills. This image is from Lugano, Switzerland in December 2009. The odd thing is, I haven’t thought about it twice since I took it. I never edited it or even noticed it in my photo review.

Here’s my internal debate about whether to include this in the series:
– It is definitely a vehicle with groceries.
– Not really any crates involved .
– It’s not red, but there is red in the photo.
– It’s not in Italy but it’s in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. But maybe the series is Europe?
Since this series seems to be evolving on its own, I guess I just have to follow along and see where it leads.

What do you think? Is it included or not? Here you can view images one, two and three.

I am off on vacation for the next week. Again. I know, it’s crazy, but true. Tonight we go to Venice for one night, because it’s Carnevale! This was one thing that I didn’t want to miss in my No Regrets Year. Sunday we fly to Sicily for the rest of the week since Brandon has the week off of school. From what we hear, it’s completely different from Northern Italy so it will be interesting. I have a few posts ready for you over the next week, and I’ll be back with more pics in a little over a week.  Who knows, maybe more in the series will appear.

See you later!

Set in Stone

A last little bit of love graffiti, this time from Murten, Switzerland. In Switzerland, you don’t find much graffiti, so these little declarations of love are a bit harder to find than in Italy. I loved the messages etched into the sandstone, in this little hideaway above the town. I wonder how long it took to create this heart?

I guess no matter the rules or the laws or the culture, the need to publicly commemorate feelings remains and is acted out in different ways. Whether it’s ink on a wall, a lock on a railing, initials carved into a tree trunk or hearts etched in sandstone, love finds a way to speak. I hope you enjoyed these images, this Valentine’s week.

Yesterday I was musing on street scenes at Mortal Muses, so come by if you would like to see the street personality of Lisbon and Chinatown in San Francisco.

Today I have one last message of love to share! Ashley at Ramblings and Photos has challenged us to write Love Letters to Kitty Paw, her cat. So, I dusted off my digital scrapbooking skills to help our cat Stevie send a letter. Didn’t he have a sweet message for Kitty Paw?

Click the image below see all of the fun love letters linked in! You might just be inspired to join in too.