Distractions: Eliminated

I have you.
I have you. by Eskimo Kiss Photography
The focus on the Process of Elimination in the latest Exploring with a Camera has been fantastic. I have enjoyed seeing the wonderful effects of framing, cropping and cleaning in the images shared by you all! Today I’ve featured a couple of dramatically different subjects, yet both images stand out for the beauty that is highlighted when distraction are eliminated. Please visit the links below and the Flickr pool to see more from participants.
In my own photography and life, the focus of this exploration has been wonderful as well. In my images, I’ve notice how much I use the process of elimination at the time of capture, which represents real growth for me.  It’s been fun to consciously note this change in my own process. In life, I’ve drastically pared down and am focusing on the elements that are the most important to me. I have too many ideas and things I want to do, and I have had to make some choices. Clarity and focus on the highest priorities has been great.
As ever, my photography teaches me much about life. I love this about art! And what will we all be taught next, in tomorrow’s new Exploring with a Camera? Come on by to find out! I can’t wait to share.
Urban Art
Urban Art by kathywinter


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Share Your View: Process of Elimination

Wheel Appeal
Wheel Appeal by leavesnbloomphotography
I’ve been thinking all week on the current Exploring with a Camera theme, Process of Elimination. It’s been interesting to observe how much I use it at the time of framing, I have almost no “before” shots to share from my weekend photo excursion. It has been fun to see your images too! I especially enjoyed reading the posts that show the examples, like Cedar’s. It may feel a bit like showing your dirty laundry to share the “before” shots, but it really helps to show how significantly the process of elimination can improve your photos.
Click on the images shared in this post or on the links below in order to see more examples on the Process of Elimination. You can still link in your photos for the next week, and share them in the Flickr pool for a chance to be featured here on the blog. Let’s see what you’ve got!
Sand Castles -day244

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Before the Dawn

pIMG_9249 by Dina

Night is coming to an end, we have finished up our current exploration of Night Photography. Your explorating shouldn’t stop now, however. Armed with the info I’ve shared you are ready to continue your photography into the night.

Take some time to explore the links below and the Flickr pool. There are so many great interpretations of “Night” to be found. Today I chose Dina‘s wonderful point of view on the chandelier, to remind us night isn’t all about outside, interesting images are to be found with the inside lights too. Below, Brenda used the blue hour to great effect as contrast for the red beams, and Deborah reminds us of the beauty of a summer evening. I can almost feel the evening breeze and see the views from that ferris wheel. Gorgeous.

Tomorrow it’s time to begin a new exploration. No more “second edition” Exploring with a Camera posts, it’s time to go back to school and get back to routine. I’ve been surprised at how much I enjoyed revisiting the “second edition” topics with you all this summer, so I may do that once in a while for fun. For now though, I have new things to explore. Come back tomorrow and see!

Finally, don’t you want to know who won the giveaway?
The postcards go to comment #22, Paula of Little Scraps of Magic
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Thanks to everyone who participated!

2011-08-24 by bgottsab

IMG_8679 by Deborah T