Share Your View: The Color Wheel, Part 2

On the Line {1/365}
On the Line {1/365} by Dorian Susan
Color, color and more color! We continue with The Color Wheel, Part 2 this week. Today’s images are a couple of triadic color scheme images shared in the Flickr pool. Isn’t it fun to see these “found” color combinations?
You still have lots of time to share your view! You can link in below or share in the Flickr pool. An easy way to participate is to go through your archive, and see what color combinations you find. I believe you learn as much from a good archive review as you do from going out to shoot new images. And, you take that learning with you on your next shoot!
And a side note, today is my 700th post! Wow! Who would have thought, when I started my blog in 2008, that it would lead me to the place I am today. I could have never guessed. Thanks for being here with me!
“Produce great pumpkins, the pies will follow later.”
“Produce great pumpkins, the pies will follow later.” by CindiK.

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What’s going on around Kat Eye Studio
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  • Registration is open for Digital Photography Basics! Class starts October 16. Visit here for the details.
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From Peaceful to Dynamic

color wheel - analogous?  maybe?  :)
color wheel – analogous? maybe? by kianve
We have finished up our peaceful two weeks of color, with The Color Wheel, Part 1. The images in this post, shared by your fellow participants, are great examples of the color schemes we all studied. To me, these are beautiful and peaceful images. There is a simplicity to these colors.
Tomorrow we look at some more visually dynamic color schemes as I cover The Color Wheel, Part 2.
Things are quite busy this week, here in the Kat Eye Studio! My mom and brother are visiting from out-of-state, and work on the new website continues. The fall Find Your Eye series started class this week (love it!!) and registration for Digital Photography Basics has opened! So much good stuff, I can hardly contain my excitement to a few words in this small space. :)
So you all tomorrow, with a new Exploring with a Camera. More color awaits!
umbrella graphic
umbrella graphic by Juli JohnSt

    Share Your View: The Color Wheel, Part 1

    chromatic colors in buckets
    chromatic colors in buckets by Deborah T
    Example of Chromatic Gradation
    Color, color everywhere. Are you having fun exploring The Color Wheel? I am! There have already been so many great examples shared. There is still time to link in (below) or share your images in the Flickr pool on monochromatic, analogous and chromatic gradation. Read the original post here if you’re not sure what I’m talking about, and then join in!
    A quick note: Today is the last day to register for the fall Find Your Eye: Journey series of classes. The guided journey leaves this Sunday, September 25. I will leave you today with a few words from some of the lovely course participants from the Find Your Eye: Journey of Recognition course that completed last week. Their words speak so much better than mine!

    “Photography has become my art form. No longer do I just shoot lots of images at events or family gatherings just because I own a camera. The “why” of taking photos is changed. I do this for me.”
                — Deborah T. Read more about Deborah’s experience in her full post here.

    “I’ve learned about my own photography. Through these classes I’ve been able to identify which elements of photography appeal to me. For instance, the shapes and forms of nature intrigue me. I also look for fascinating small details. As a result of the eye exercises in the class I’ve realized how important it is to look for and use light in my photographs. I’ve learned not to be controlled by rules and by other photographer’s opinions and photographs. I’ve learned to follow my instincts and my heart.”
                — Cathy H. Read more about Cathy’s experience in her full post here.

    “A loner by nature, the greatest gift of our time together was my connection with my fellow travelers. They constantly challenged me; supported me; commiserated with my frustrations; celebrated my triumphs and “ah-ha” moments. They shared their wisdom, their questions, their yearnings. I learned from their struggles, their insights, their truths. Together we dug deep; we had breakthroughs and realizations. We made each other smile. And think.”
                — Brenda. Read more about Brenda’s experience in her full post here.

    “I’m feeling more confident in my photography! Confident to continue to take photos that I’m familiar with… more willing to have a go at shots of things that I find harder (and even consider a bit of editing)… and being more confident to share myself through my photos… Basically, I’m inspired to keep on taking photos!”
                — Leanne. Read more about Leanne’s experience in her full post here.

    Outside Hollys
    Outside Hollys by Dorian Susan
    Example of Monochromatic
    Zinnias by gina g10
    Example of Analogous

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