Weekend Away: Powered by Orange

Since orange became my power color while living in Italy, I love the idea of being “Powered by Orange.” Here in Corvallis, home of Oregon State University, much of the town sports these “Powered by Orange” signs in support of the university whose colors are orange and black. A fun discovery upon moving back here!

And I just noticed, another window image! They are popping up everywhere for me these days.

For “Weekend Away,” I take a little blogging break and share random photos captured in my travels.

Light Fantastic

Fall LightAt Mortal Muses we are finishing up our “Light Fantastic” theme with a blog hop, and I thought I would share a story…

On my photo walk with Julie last week, we were nearing the end of our walk, photographing the gorgeous autumn trees in a park. The sun was starting to go behind the clouds and she said, “Oh no, we’re losing the light.”

I laughed and said, “Oh yes, we’re getting the light!”

I confessed to Julie that there is something she needed to know about me… I love indirect light. I love the soft, diffused light of alleyways and cloudy days that gently highlights form and makes color pop. I took this image after we lost found the light. I find the colors incredible! This is my kind of light.

Now you know my light fantastic. What’s your favorite light?

Chicago & Me

Chicago & Me
We danced a little dance
of lines and curves.
Looking up, up up,
I forgot to look down,
and saw inside instead.
Saw that life
is play
and art
and travel
and friends.
Life is joy
in the moment,
A camera,
an orange umbrella
are all I need
to be happy.
City of lines and curves,
of light reflected back,
I see Me.
Forgive the random poetry, I’m reading a book of poetry right now and was inspired by the snippets of ideas strung together. These photos were taken at the Cloud Gate sculpture, aka “The Bean,” in Millenium park in Chicago. It was quite empty as I walked past on my way to the Art Institute, and I couldn’t resist a few self portraits with my orange umbrella. The moment just made me happy.

Colors don’t Fade

One of the great things about photography, the colors you capture never fade. You can come back to your images again and again, and the colors remain the same. In the depths of winter, when life can seem monochromatic, this is a joy. Bright color is always to be found in my photo archives!

I hope you’ve enjoyed studying color for the last month, with the Exploring with a Camera themes of The Color Wheel, Part 1 and Part 2. From monochromatic to triadic, you all found some great color! We finish up Part 2 today, with a bit of fall complementary color I found on the Oregon Coast this weekend.

Since I’m in Chicago this week, there will be no new Exploring with a Camera tomorrow. I have a great one brewing to share with you next week, when I am back home. In the meantime enjoy some dynamic color as you visit the links shared in Part 2.


In the Interest of Color

This morning I participated in the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk, through with 1117 photo walks were planned in local communities today and tomorrow. The Corvallis photo walk was organized by one of my local photography friends, Jones Oliver. It was great to get out and meet other photographers! We had local folks from Corvallis and a few from other towns in Oregon, as well as my brother from out of state. 
I captured this image of the purple chinese eggplant and the orange peppers specifically with our current exploration of the color wheel. It’s a triadic scheme, purple, orange and green, in approximately the recommended proportions. Do you think it works?
More images of the photo walk to come later! Hope you are having a great weekend.


What’s going on around Kat Eye Studio

Finding Color and Space

From scooter love yesterday to Burano love today. I am sharing “color” today, in honor of the wonderful Rachael Taylor who has featured me on her blog. Rachael is a surface pattern designer I met at the Do What You Love Retreat in May. Her work is beautiful and simple, and she loves bright colors, just like me. Stop by and visit her blog here to see me featured, and stick around to see her work. You will find something you love, I guarantee it. My favorite is this orange bag, which I brought home with me from the retreat. I’m so excited that it arrived with my goods from Italy, and I can start using it again. Orange Power!

I’m celebrating negative space on Mortal Muses today, so thought I would share some “space” here too. Have you stopped by and visited Mortal Muses lately? There’s been a lot of change! We celebrated our first year at the beginning of August and now have five lovely new muses bringing their beautiful images and words your way. I have always loved how having nine different people working together creates a place of such beauty and diversity, and that has not changed. I hope you will join us there.

PS – Don’t miss the giveaway on yesterday’s post, there is still time to enter.