If so, you are in the right place, here at Kat Eye Studio. Photographer Kat Sloma believes your photographs contain messages from your heart; you only have to pause and listen.

Join Kat monthly for the Photo-Heart Connection, as a community of photographers from around the world come together, each finding the photograph that best connects to their heart. In the process, they uncover messages from the soul. It’s an amazing thing to witness. There is no cost to participate in this monthly blog series, and you are welcome to join anytime. Sign up for the Kat Eye News for reminders.

Not sure what a Photo-Heart Connection is? Click any image below to see the messages Kat has uncovered as she moves through the process…

Listen to this interview with Kat to learn more about the Photo-Heart Connection.

If you prefer a more structured and focused approach to learning, check out Kat’s online courses. Good for your photography, heart and soul!