Photo-Heart Connection: August

Behind the scenes he worked. Starting hours before the performance, the guitar tech began getting ready. The performers were nowhere to be seen, but he was there. Gently unpacking and prepping the guitars, his hands steady and sure.

The sun went down and the lights came on. The performers took the stage. Throughout the performance he stood at the ready. Knowing what song came next, what each guitarist needed. Everything flowed. He knows his job and does it well. You can tell, because no one noticed him there on the side of the stage.

There are so many roles like this in our world. So many people behind the scenes, making things work smoothly. They are skilled. They love what they do. They make a difference to those around them.

So today I’m thinking about how we often notice only the headline act. We see the artists on stage, in the spotlight. But they wouldn’t be there, successfully doing what they do, without the backstage artists that make everything work. I’m thinking about the people in my life who are backstage artists for me in different ways. I owe them my notice and my thanks.

My Photo-Heart Connection this month is from da Vinci Days, an annual festival of art, science and technology here in Corvallis. I had the good fortune to be the Main Stage photographer for the headline night of the festival, where I got the backstage view and prime locations to photograph the performance. I am honestly surprised at picking this one as my Photo-Heart Connection. It was a tough month to choose. I had a lot of photos; many with a strong heart connection. At one point, as I was narrowing the field down, I had to stop and go do something else to clear my thoughts and emotions.

In the end, it was the hands that drew me in. As I looked at the guitar tech’s hands, I remembered how this guy did his job, quietly and confidently. He didn’t really talk to anyone that I saw. He was just always there, doing what needed to be done for his band. Such a simple photo of hands, teaching me a bigger lesson. Reminding me to watch for those backstage artists in my life and thank them.

What did you discover in the Photo-Heart Connection this month?

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  1. says

    Ah yes, the people behind the scenes are the hidden heroes who work efficiently and quietly so that those in the limelight may take the bows. It’s good to remember the backstage artists as they fine-tune the bigger picture.
    Lovely shot of those hands at work, Kat.

  2. says

    Hi Kat,
    I’ve been looking forward to this the whole month :) I really enjoyed sharing last month and I can’t wait to read and enjoy what the rest of the community has to say.
    You bring up a lovely point about people who work behind the scenes. They are truly unsung heroes that get all the work done quietly and carefully. Lovely choice for this month

  3. says

    What a timely reminder – a reminder to remember those people in my life who have always been there, quietly supporting me and my dreams.

  4. says


    i have really enjoyed looking at all the shared connections for August, as well as your post here. No matter how simple or complex the images shared, there is always something new to take to heart from each person. I get a real “lift” from reading all these.

    Thanks, again, for making this possible.

  5. says

    Hi Kat, You have given me pause to think about the behind the scenes supports in my life and also the times that I have been there behind the scenes for others. The show wouldn’t go one without all involved . Thank you for reminding me through your words and your images.

  6. says

    Kat, I really look forward to this each month. Thank you for the reminder to think of the “support crew” in my own life. I tend to find myself in that role for many others, but of course I have them, too.

    It’s such a pleasure and so interesting to read everyone’s post and see what has moved each one of us over the past month. It’s a feast for the soul.

  7. says

    I love photos of hands, and feet. I think they tell stories all their own, that a face would alter or sway in a different direction, or overwhelm altogether all that the ends of our limbs accomplish-without fanfare. Your image definitely tells a story-and your words fill in the blanks of “behind the scenes”. I love the focus on the task, and just enough guitar to know it’s a guitar, but nothing more.
    Glad your heart was filled over and over again this month. What a wonderful dilemma to have so many to choose from.