Photo-Heart Connection: July

Well, hello there little plant. Look at you, outgrowing your pot and reaching for the sky. Growing upward without regard to your limitations.

I caught a glimpse of blue and orange, down a path behind a school. It called to me, so I wandered back to see what was there. A bench in beautifully textured blue sat in the green summer grass. A tiny orange pot, with it’s awkward plant, contrasted against a white wall.

As I look on this plant, I see a forgotten school project that someone forgot to take home at the end of the year. But the plant doesn’t know. It keeps growing.

I see a plant that’s getting too big for it’s little orange pot. But the plant doesn’t know. It keeps growing.

I see a plant that’s lonely, sitting there by itself in the back of the school. But the plant doesn’t know. It keeps growing.

Maybe, come fall, this plant will bear some fruit despite the odds stacked against it. We know the odds of survival, the plant doesn’t. The plant does what it is meant to do: Grow. Take the light and the rain and the soil and grow.

There is a lesson for me here, in this little lonely plant at the back of a school. I need to continue to do what I’m meant to do. Ignore perceived limitations. Ignore perceived odds.

Just grow.

My Photo-Heart Connection speaks to all of us this month, I think. We need to stop limiting ourselves. It’s easy to place boundaries around what we say we can and can’t do. Often those boundaries are completely in our head. If we ignore them, what can we achieve? Like this little plant, we may grow and change in ways that don’t seem possible for the container we were planted in or the care we received. Our spirits our stronger than we think.

I was caught by the glimpse of orange and blue. I was captivated by the textures and the color contrasts, that’s why I carefully framed this image. But it’s the message from the little plant that speaks to my heart today. That’s the power of the Photo-Heart Connection. There are messages that our heart has for us. Our photos can share them with us if we pause and listen.

What is your heart message this month? You can link in here August 1 through 7. Spend some time visiting the participants too. You can learn from their Photo-Heart Connections as well.

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  1. says

    Hi Kat-
    The first thing I noted about your image were those opposite colors of blue and orange. I didn’t even see the awkward plant dangling out one side precariously. Growth. I see that as a common theme when I visit your blog. You stretch often, a lot, and you do push yourself, maybe much more than you see yourself.
    I too wrote about growth this month. I love to learn new things-at first it pisses me off as I struggle, but I’m always delighted when I look back from the other side.
    Thanks for the PHC. It is a chance to step back and give thought and see something that might be otherwise missed.
    Have a great day.

  2. says

    Love your photo heart connection, Kat. That little plant is so symbolic, isn’t it? A plant doesn’t have thoughts and worries like we inflict upon ourselves, it just does what it is meant to … Like some deep message it has received from the time it was a tiny seed. Perhaps intuition is the seed we need to follow – without worrying if we are going in the right direction or not!

  3. says

    Hello ~

    I’m new here and I’m hoping to participate in Photo-Heart Connection. I’ve read many of your offerings and I’ve loved each and everyone. I usually don’t have trouble posting things, but Inlinkz is telling me I don’t have a link back to your blog. I’ve read many articles to solve the problem, down what blogger to me to do and I still can’t make it work. Please email me if you have a solution or suggestion…I’d love to share.

    Thank you and thank you for your words…I’m trying hard to GROW!

    In good spirit,


    • Kat says

      Hi Suzette! I’m so glad to have you joining in. I look forward to getting to know you this way! In order to link in you need to have a link back to in your blog post. That can either be a simple text link or you can use the button code found on the sidebar of the Photo-Heart Connection page. Take a look at the other entries linked in and use those as examples.

  4. says

    Lovely. I so connect with your little plant. Don’t turn around to see if someone is coming to help, don;t worry that you are on your own, no — just grow!

  5. says

    Kat – I agree with Susan – your blog is a place where growth is a strong recurring theme. You share in such an honest and emotional way your own creative journey so that we are all inspired to do just that – GROW!

  6. says

    Hi Kat,

    This is my first time here. I heard about the photo-heart connection and it really spoke to me. I have been trying to speak in my own voice and be true to myself. This photo link up fit so perfectly in what I wanted to achieve and express. Thank you!
    I love your point about growing.. Gosh! It’s so difficult to stop the negativity sometimes but you’ve just got to soldier on and give it your best shot.
    Once again, many thanks for this wonderful opportunity.

  7. says

    I concur with the other comments — this is a wonderful post that resonates with your themes of growth and risk, Kat. I’m sitting out for this month — took so many photos in July I can’t begin to go through them and pick that special one. Of course I will visit other bloggers to see what they’ve selected — I always learn so much. Thanks for hosting all of us!

    • Kat says

      I am so glad to have you participate in any way Gina. I agree, I always learn from visiting the posts in the Photo-Heart Connection!

  8. says

    Love that you found this little pot to inspire you to keep growing regardless, awesome image & words this month to inspire us.

  9. says

    I came here from Ginny’s site, Special Moments in Time. She was absolutely right about your Photo-Heart connection.

    This post hits me at just the time I need it. I’ve been struggling with a project and hearing too many negative voices in my head. Seeing your picture of the little plant that keeps growing and reading your words was very helpful to me.

    I love your last line, “I need to continue to do what I’m meant to do. Ignore perceived limitations. Ignore perceived odds.” I read it aloud to myself to make it sink in a bit more. Thank you very much:~)

  10. Maxine says

    Hi Kat,
    I thought I would pop over here to visit you.
    I love your lonely plant narrative. The one thing that I took away from this story is that we also need love, care and encouragement to thrive. Yes like the plant we can grow but with a gardener tending us, we can thrive.
    Who is you gardener?
    maxine johnson (from Maxipix)

  11. says

    Hello Kat! Hello everyone. This is my first time here as well. I saw geetlee’s Photo Heart Connection and found my way here.
    I hope I did just what I was supposed to do for this series. Other posts speak about growth and I saw this as a way to expand my thinking and my writing, not to mention photography skills, and just grow myself as well, like the little flower you shared this month. Just grow………..

  12. says

    Love the simplicity of your photo-heart image..and all of the ways in which it speaks to your soul. Just grow – LOVE IT!

  13. says

    Wow, love this connection. Your words are very moving and inspirational. I’ve found that with a lot of the connections this month. :)
    Love your image – gorgeous colours and love that little plant, showing up every day, doing what it’s supposed to do..grow.
    Off to reflect on all I’ve read today. I love photo/heart connection, thank you for hosing. :)

  14. says

    Oh Kat, I’m late linking up, but this is such a powerful connection and yes one I completely connect to as well. It seems that the very thing that sets us apart from nature can be our very downfall. I’m so glad that you had this connection to share with us, as it’s one I need to hear . . . set aside the limitations, mostly the ones I put on myself!! Thanks for sharing, and again for giving us a place to share from our hearts. xo