Photo-Heart Connection: May

What’s behind this door? It must be something important, to have had so many locks on it. It must have been there a long time, to have so many scars.

I know what’s behind this door. It’s a piece of my heart. As much as I’ve allowed my heart to open over the last few years, there is a piece that has remained locked up. Even while the paint has cracked and the door begins to splinter, I keep putting new bars and locks on it. I don’t want it to be unlocked. It will hurt to open what’s inside.

This last door to my heart has to be unlocked. I know it does.

And I’m scared of what’s going to come out. So scared. Maybe the locks all this time haven’t been to protect what’s on the inside, but to protect what’s on the outside.

It’s time to face it, and see what happens. Ready or not, the lock is coming off.

My heart’s message this month cuts to the truth of things in a personal and painful way. When I captured this image last Saturday in Portland, I was interested in the history of that door. So many layers, so many scars. It’s story intrigued me. It wasn’t until I sat down to find my Photo-Heart Connection this month that I discovered the deeper message for me. There are some things that I need to work through. It is time to face them. I feel as if I’m squaring my shoulders and filling myself with fortitude as I reach for the lock this morning.

What is your heart’s message this month? There is one there for you, if you take the time to look. Sit quietly for a little while, clear your mind, then look through your images from May one by one. Is there one that you feel a reaction to in your body? Sit with it for a while, see what it has to say to you. Then write about it, and come back here to link in. We’re here to support and encourage you to listen to your heart, whatever the message.

The Photo-Heart Connection link up for May is open from June 1 to June 7. I look forward to visiting you soon! I’ll be away from the computer the next couple of days but will be by to visit your posts on Sunday. I’ll also be moderating links this month, so please be sure you are following the guidelines, found here.

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  1. says

    I like the image of that old door and the old bar marks and the padlock and how this speaks to you. “So many layers, so many scars”… just like us and the layers we peel off over the course of time. Life sometimes leaves scars, but they heal if we let them!
    Sometimes our thoughts about something, in this case of removing the imaginery lock, prevent us from removing the barriers – what do you think? It may not hurt to open up what’s inside, it may just be a revelation and a wonderful feeling of freedom!
    I like your selfie with the pink umbrella and the posh boots!

  2. says

    This is wonderful post. I find old doors like this one very appealing. They seem to hold a secret that must be revealed. And somehow they illustrate how I feel about this issue : even when some times we keep secrets, doors can´t be closed for ever, we have to choose the right moment, it´s true, but sooner or later we will face true, and this will be good for us… I have done it so I know it. Thanks!

  3. says

    Wow, Kat. There’s so much power in these words and they struck home. The photo is stunning in its simplicity, and a powerful meditation in and of itself. There are doors I’ve been shoved through, and I hated hated hated the journey. But I love where I’ve arrived. And, yet, there are still doors to open and walk through. Here’s to the journey!

  4. says

    A beautiful image & I love the connection that you have with it. It ca be really hard to work through some things cant it?

  5. says

    Doors are tricky things, they can keep us from harm yet we also need them to pass from one place to another. And they can be hard to open when we haven’t used them and are unsure of what is on the other side. Unlocking things are always scary, but just think of the possibility of letting more light in. “Maybe the locks all this time haven’t been to protect what’s on the inside, but to protect what’s on the outside.” – I know I’m guilty of that. Here is to a new path ahead….

  6. says

    A beautiful discovery you made through the door, the scar, the layers and the lock. There are no accidents. The time taken to delve deeper into the photographs I take uncovers another layer, sometimes a surprise to me.

  7. says

    Kat – I love the meaning you feel behind the picture. I can see the paint peeling all those feelings back as you unlock the door and see what’s behind. It’s a lovely image that has me thinking about the things I need to face.

  8. says

    i think you will find something beautiful behind those doors. Truth can be painful but it can bring much joy too. wishing you loads of courage as you walk through those doors. Such a great image!

  9. says

    Love reading your thoughts. The first thing I saw in this was the area where the lock has already been removed to the right of the “final” lock. That shape popped out at me as “heart” shaped. Interesting.
    Unlocking what’s inside is hard work, and can be like Pandora’s box. Once unlocked, it never seems to be able to be relocked-which can be a double edged sword until it if fully explored when it loses it’s power. Ah life-it is a journey.
    The cool thing is, that last lock can remained locked until you’re ready. Look at all the progress that has come before it.
    Thanks for providing the PHC. I enjoy the process very much.

  10. says

    Beautiful Kat. It is tough to unlock and let go of what is being held inside. It can be painful to face some old crap. But, you will be all the more better for it once its faced and released. I love how the middle lock scar is shaped like a heart. Its like a little love note to you.

  11. says

    Hi Kat, what a wonderful post and such a great photo! However did you find such a great door complete with a heart?? what a great find. Thank you so much for sponsoring this photo heart connection…what a wonderful idea!

  12. says

    Shoot! I just loaded up the wrong photo – my photo-heart connection was actually the one w/the gramma and bride… :) oops

    • says

      Oh, Kate! Such a beautiful image and such powerful words! I have a social anxiety disorder and this images reminds me of how part of me wants to stay locked inside behind that door! But, I must not, I know that, and honestly I’d rather the door be unlocked and open, but it’s hard!! I read your post several days ago and then posted my Photo-Heart Connection today. I realized as I came back to post that we’d bot htaken photos of locks this month, but looked at them very differently!!

  13. says

    Beautiful photo and beautifully written connection. I love how this series really reaches in to and uncovers those things in our heart and I love seeing how this is reflected in our photography.

  14. Phyllis says

    Hi Kat. Oh my goodness..June 8th already. I’m sorry that I missed The Photo Heart Connection this month. When I saw your photo, the first thing I thought of was how many of your images are of doors and hardware on doors..almost as if they are your trademark. My wish for you is to remember all of the strength that is already inside of you as you “unlock your doors”♥

    • Kat says

      Doors and locks, scooters, windows, potted flowers… yeah, I have a few subjects I like to capture. :) Thanks for your good wishes. I look forward to having you join in next month!