Filling the Void

If there is a void, I want to fill it. As I work on letting go of old expectations, I’m discovering how hard it is to leave the void alone. My personality wants to fill it with new plans and new expectations.

What I recognize I need to do though, is sit with the void. Discover the texture and feeling of the open space. Let something new evolve to fill it over time. Yes, I can have plans. Yes, I can have expectations. But let’s set the big, long term ones aside for a while, I tell myself. Leave the void alone. Leave that space.

I’m not so good at that. It seems as if I’m always clearing space and filling it up again. Clearing space on my schedule. Clearing space in my expectations. Only to find a month or two later it’s just as full as it was before.

How about you? Any tips you can share, to help me keep the space I’ve cleared?

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  1. says

    First off, can you tell me how to create some space? I’m even having trouble with that part. Nice textures in that photograph.

  2. says

    No easy answers here, or even difficult ones, but I wanted to tell you how much I have gotten from these posts. Like you, I’m struggling with letting go of some expectations, and allowing new ones to emerge. It’s so darn hard, though! Thank you so much for your honesty; it’s helping me to get some things straight in my own head.