A Stop at the Store

After spending the last week and a half either working hard at the computer to get my new ideas in place, or relaxing utterly by reading novels and watching the first season of Glee, I was ready to get out and photograph yesterday. While the day started with a tiny bit of sunshine, it was the kind that only lasts until the sun gets above the heavy cloud cover, so I needed to get out early. I tagged along with my husband on his morning errands, asking him to drop me off on the Oregon State University campus so that I could wander and take some photos. There is this metal shop building with fabulously textured (read: peeling paint) windows that we drive by often and I wanted to study it with my camera.

I had a great time photographing until the rain started. A little rain doesn’t usually bother me, I keep an umbrella in my camera bag, but this was cold, blowing rain. My fingers were going numb. I gave up and huddled in the bus shelter waiting for my husband to come back and pick me up. The bus route that goes near our house came by first, so I hopped on to get out of the cold. The bus doesn’t go right by our house, so I had several blocks of walking to get home after I got off. I opted to walk through the strip mall, using the protection of the overhang from the rain and wind. And then I saw it… the market/wheels picture! A very cute classic-looking bicycle, along on the bike rack in front of the grocery store. A completely serendipitous find, but making the sequence of photowalk-rain-bus-walk seem like a perfectly logical path to get a new image for my series. I can’t imagine getting here any other way.

A Stop at the Store

Don’t you love it when that happens?

Another synergistic happening yesterday… my photo “Window to the Heart” — the same image I shared on my blog yesterday as an example of a photo-heart connection — was chosen as the Photo of the Weekend by masteringphoto.com. It served to remind me that when I have a strong connection with an image, likely others will too. I would love to have you come by and show some comment love, if you have time. You might also spend a few moments to check out the site, run by Focal Press, publisher of many great photography books.

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  1. says

    I agree. Somehow no matter what I am going through getting a good image always makes it worth it. The best kinds are the ones I wasn’t planning.

    • says

      Don’t envy you out in the cold, wintery conditions. Glad that moment happened for you, the bike outside the store, just to ‘make your day’! It is indeed a buzz for that to happen. Well done too on your Photo of the Weekend success; it is a lovely reflective photograph. Got to get to finding more in your blog yet…

  2. says

    Enjoyed the story of your meandering path to your latest market/wheels series shot. It’s like that sometimes – never knowing when the image will present itself to you. You have to be ready.

    And congrats on being the weekend photo choice! Well-deserved.

  3. says

    Congrats on the photo of the week Kat.
    Yes, I do love when that opportunity comes along. I think it is when we gather our best shots. sorry you had to endure, rain, numb fingers, and a bus ride to get it….but apparently it was worth it.

  4. says

    I love photographing in the rain..and your image today just goes to show you that there’s always something in the unexpected to be found. Big congrats on getting your yesterday’s photo chosen. Happy 2012!!!