1. I was just thinking about this last night. How you're photos usually focus on part of an object and how that appeals to me. I seem to struggle with not including the whole thing!! But, I'm working on it and I'm excited about this exploration!!

  2. Another very helpful tutorial, Kat. I realize I need to practice framing more, and rely on cropping less. Your examples are great! Thanks so much!

  3. Thanks so much for all these really useful tips. I find as way of a "happy accident" that I shoot a shot and when I go to process it on the my computer, there's very little I have to do. So now, I'm going to be much more aware of the way I take shots, so I don't have as much to "fix" or eliminate.

    Have a wonderful day and will share some shots soon.

    Bright blessings,

  4. Oh my I learn a lot from you Kat. I am impress of that store photo and the car. I cannot think of that, ^_^ Going to continue reading here. Thanks!

  5. Yes. framing is what I love about taking photos- that you can change your angle and focus a bit and make something that is fairly ordinary into something extraordinary!

  6. Brilliant post Kat. So much information and lots of tips. Fascinating to see how you chose the framing for the shots.

  7. Thanks so much for this great explanations. It´s something what I have to learn 🙂 I don´t like to throw stuff, even not part from the photo :). But I should!
    Have a great weekend! LG Tina

  8. This may be my favorite challenge ever – something I've wanted to focus on for a long time but never have, now I just have to find the time.

  9. Hi! I just came over from Ashley Sisk's blog! I thoroughly enjoyed this post and you gave me so much to think about! I will be practicing this. Thank you for such a great post. I do find myself cropping photos quite often, I think it might have something to do with my fast moving children, but regardless, I should focus more on the framing. And the cleaning option is very cool, you better believe I will be trying that in Photoshop. Thank you for sharing such great tips! New follower 🙂

  10. Great post Kat. I rarely need to crop my images as I try to always frame in the camera – though it depends on which camera I'm using as my old one has so many buttons to press to get to the selective af points and I keep forgetting how to get there.

  11. I am just reading this, but it has helped me sooooo much. I have really been enjoying still life photography, as it is a relaxing place for me with a busy 17 month old running around. I have been wanting to take those photos to the next level. I will implement these tips and hopefully see a HUGE difference.


  12. Great tutorial. I often crop for removing empty space, but I loved your creativity in cropping the shots in different ways and making them more creative.

  13. Really great tips on this one – I have spent more time lately cropping in camera, but I'm excited to see what I've got from my trip so I can apply some more of these tips.

  14. Great post! I used to be really good about framing in-camera but then I think I started getting a little lazy, figuring I could crop it later. But I think it is so much more gratifying when you really study the subject and think what you want to convey…just like you said. And that bike shot? Wow Kat L-O-V-E it.