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    *The basic color wheel image is by Eyoungsmc and is used here by creative commons license. All notations added to the color wheel image are mine.

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    1. Thank you for your colour wheel explanations ..they are great and so informative. Love the example pics.

    2. A lot more to learn here – and your photos are beautiful and very helpful to explain the colour schemes – Thank you.

    3. I love having the photos and the color wheels to compare with. Great, informative post! Your pictures are beautiful!

    4. Your use of colour juxtaposition in some of these images is so powerful, that it is almost overwhelming.
      To me it can have the force of a weapon. Or at least a very, very firm hand in directing or rather, forcing our eye into a path of your choosing.
      I never realized what I was doing with colour, other than what pleased me. But I now realize that some of these combinations have to be used with care and moderation.

    5. OK…wow. Very cool. Can't wait to look and see what's in my collection and what I can find out on the trail. Wish I lived in someplace as colorful as Burano.
      While reading this I was fascinated by the term tetrad harmony. There is a type of musical "chording" called a tetra-chord (and a musical chord is made of multiple pitches-therefore a harmony) Like the square in the color wheel, the pitches are 4 "steps" apart. Sometimes in jazz they call this quartal harmonies…the notes are 4 steps apart making the distance between every other note a 7th, which is sort of a jarring, non-restful interval. Kind of cool the comparison and the fact that they call this color combo….tetrad harmony. A shared name for similar thing. I wonder who stole from who? That's the problem I wonder too much.
      Thanks for the great info Kat. We are currently covering the color wheel in my art appreciation class-I dropped the "analogous colors" terminology the other day-the 19 year olds don't like me anymore. Wait until I ask "is this an example of tetrad harmony?"….my buddy Ian will undoubtedly kick me under the table.

    6. So much information and so interesting- I've just added my post, but only managed to get my head around triadic colour schemes.

    7. I am so enjoying these posts on colour. I love the last image best of all, although the photos from the houses on Burano are also beautiful. I'm going to go through my archives to see what triads and complements I can find. (Although sadly I've lost three years of my photos from our trips to Mexico when my hard drive crashed!)

    8. Oh I love the colour burst here Kat. I'm sure my photo from Part 1 would fit Part 2 aswell as it was turquoise with rusty orange. I'm away to see what I can find out and about in the countryside this morning before the rain arrives.

    9. Great tutorial…I just wish I lived in a more corlorful area….maybe I just need to keep my eye more open.


    10. You know I was waiting for this one. So thorough and such a fun addition to my photo idea arsenal. Thank you.