1. Beautifully written post Kat, writing these kind of thoughts in our journals can really start giving us a clear picture of why we do what we do, it looks like you've found your answers 🙂

  2. This is a wonderful post Kat, and I truly enjoyed reading it. Although I never thought about it in this way, you are so correct in stating that you really need all three to balance the equation. Beautifully writtrn, and wonderfully thought provoking.

    Thank you so much for sharing this todsy at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful day!


  3. Love your equation, Kat! Especially because it equals bliss. Your definitions are inspiring and the photograph at the top is testimony to what comes from you acting out your equation – it brings something to us as well as to yourself.
    Mine might be: beauty + creativity + poetry = bliss.

  4. Love this post. Been wrestling with how photography fills my creative spirit and what path I'm on. Love to hear someone's take on it. Still sorting it out.
    That bicycle shot…love it.

  5. WOW.. This is so true. At least for me. It is crazy but I love papercrafting. And for me I don't really know why I love it so much.. I never really considered it Art.. But it is. It gives me this bliss that you are talking about..

    I just love your photo..

  6. Another wonderful post, Kat. Isn't it fantastic that you figured out your formula for bliss? Photography is certainly a big part of my equation now. I'll have to think about what the other important factors are. Love, love, love the photo!

  7. I'm with Dorian on this – still sorting it out! I love this photography – there's something about bikes and scooters that speaks to me. How sad is that 🙂

  8. A personal equation-what an amazing idea! Mine would also have to include photography. Being a scanner, I don't know if I could have only one, but it would be worth a try I bet. I'll have to give this some thought.

  9. I love your photo on the subject of creativity…. the "vehicle" is in front of an open doorway….such an appropriate image for the subject of creativity. The doorway leading into a mysterious place, not yet defined, but that which will come into being once one has stepped over the door-stoop and into the doorway to discover what is….

  10. I just love your equation and couldn't agree more. I love your photo, so many lovely textures and points of interest. Really lovely!

  11. My equation would probably read something like this, nature's inspiration + creativity + studio time = contentment/peace 🙂

  12. lovely post. Very inspiring and made me stop, think and smile. Not sure what my equation is but it definitely starts with art + creativity and then it gets a little hazy, there are so many combinations that may work I guess I'm still defining this for myself.

  13. I love the equation and I can feel it, too. Bliss is just the right word – beautiful. I love this post.

  14. I don't think much …and certainly don't write anything….about my 'art,' basic as it is. I do love to read posts such as this, though. And I love the photo you've chosen to illustrate it.

  15. kat…i don't know you…but i love you. i think you crawled into my head and pulled out the words and thoughts that i feel about my photography!! amazing post!! thank you!!