1. Oh you really do inspire me with the whole cropping thing. I must give it a try! And those skies. Outrageous.

  2. Croatia totally rocks, my friend. I am with you, my favorite- crop dusters with a big slice of sky. Pure nirvana. Great post, thank you!

  3. I love photographing the sky. It can so quickly change. Here on the coast I can look in one direction and see a clear sky and then turn around and it will have a totally different feel due to the light and clouds.

  4. I love all ofhtese photos and tips. I have been trying, just recently, to capture some sky photos, but I havent been very successful. Now, I have new perspective and i am going to go grab my camera now!

  5. Wonderful lesson — the photos are terrific! The skies here in the valley are pretty boring — usually blandly blue…. That's why I like going to the coast.

  6. thank kat for stopping by SS, you are always such a great contributor. such a shame i missed you in london. maybe next time x.

  7. Great write up – thanks Kat. Some great hints and tips here. I shall try to remember at least some of them the next time I'm shooting into the sky.

  8. Kat, I enjoyed this post! As always, you've presented wonderful information along with stunning visuals. I find getting well exposed shots that include a large area of sky are often tricky. I try to expose for the sky and later, use my photo editing tools to recover any foreground elements that are too dark. The beauty and drama that skies present are well worth any trouble though!

  9. I forgot to ask you. Any tips to capturing that blue hour sky like in your last shot?

  10. Kat — I've stopped by your blog a few times in the past, but I can't believe I've missed your "exploring w/ a camera" stuff! I've looked over several of these and I love all the help and examples and inspiration you've provided!! I so want to jump in, but feel "behind" and overwhelmed!! 🙂 lol! I'm going to need to re-read over your posts — there's just so much good stuff (and trying to read and pay attention this late at night is never good for my memory!)

    I'll definitely be joining in soon!! hopefully. 🙂 But for sure I'll be following and reading! 🙂

  11. Like you, I'm fascinated by the sky. You have some really gorgeous pictures here, absolutely beautiful. I'm currently looking for this week's Skywatch photo, perhaps I'll link to your site (if I find one that I like).

  12. I really liked your tutorial on this topic – and the photos, actually especially the 'frustrated' one 🙂

  13. What a great post! And filled with so many beautiful images of the sky. I went for something a little different, hope you like it.
    Thanks for hostessing!

  14. I haven't paid much attention the sky, but now I will. Thanks for another great tutorial! Love your photos!

  15. these are all AMAZING! I am so inspired to go out and shoot the sky (around here, I think I'll wait til it stops raining first).

  16. I feel so inspired to try different perspectives with the sky – thanks so much for hosting and look how many entries you have!

  17. I came over here from Ashley's blog. I just learned an awful lot from this post. I linked up my Scavenger Hunt sunday post with my Capture the sky shot. I think I may do a post just for this topic though.

  18. So amazing how something we take so much for granted can be so dramatically different and beautiful in so many different ways each day, each minute. What beautiful images! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Hope it was okay that I posted a different photo and linked up again. I was trying to use some of your advice.