1. What a sweet looking boy 🙂 Well, maybe it's good that you've only done this via your blog only because that way we get to enjoy it too 🙂

  2. The best laid plans… We're all so busy these days that the traditions seem to get left behind little by little. So yes, you are totally pathetic – along with the rest of us 🙂

  3. I think it is perfect. Seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child is a gift all in itself!

  4. I bought some lovely cards from Hobby Lobby and they are still in the bag in my closet 🙁
    At least your holiday photo saw the light of day!

  5. You're away from home and things are not the same. Traditions can change. Better late than never, tho, right? At least we get to see that smiling face. 🙂

  6. pathetic? No. You are living in your time rather than someone else's time. We made our card this year using a photo we took with our digital camera, editing it in photoshop, and had the cards made through the iPhoto website. Though we sent them out by mail, I also sent some out digitally. Who needs to be encumbered by tradition? If we did, we'd all be running around with clubs. xo

  7. Nothing pathetic about it. Who says you have to send a Christmas card to stay connected? Your blog is a great way to link to us all. Don't feel guilty about the Christmas card. Instead, feel great about staying connected year round!

  8. Such a happy image on that card! I've been procrastinating so long about sending our greeting cards that I guess I'll be doing the email version. No guilt — sometimes I just can't get up the energy for it. It is nice to stay in touch though.